Friday, July 09, 2010

First Ukay in Iloilo

Before you think that this blog is becoming ukay-centric, let me tell you are not mistaken. LOL! When I go home in Iloilo the first thing that I'm itching to do is to have my attendance checked in all my fave ukay stores. And then I meet up with friends and eat out. Ukay first and then the rest. LOL! My friends call it an addiction. I on the other hand deem it as 'research'. I just love collecting clothes especially if I feel that it represents a certain style of a famous designer. Other times it's the idea behind the garment that I find fascinating. Don't think too much of it because it's all quite personal and in my head most of the time. Here's a few of the pieces I found on the first day I went to the ukay in Iloilo on my recent trip:

This Versace Jeans Couture top is so Gianni for me. The color, the fabric, the style. I love it even though I wouldn't wear it.

My friend Mike collects PLAY CDG tees. He's got like 20 already?

This Moschino star print jeans is also a buy for him. It's so pop.

This is the first time I found a Viktor&Rolf Monsieur piece in the ukay so I got it. Wala lang except I find it funny and ironic for V&R to do a varsity style sweat shirt.

Another brand I'm very keen in finding is Mercibeaucoup. Medyo mahal ang price ha when I checked in Bangkok. It's a Japanese brand and it's quite interesting how they do their prints.

I will have more posts about ukays coming up because I'm telling you I got a lot!


Mico Lauron said...

It's nice to know that you're home. I envy you. I haven't been home for a long time.

mel beckham said...

Ate Don, idol talaga kita pagdating sa ukay. I don't know if it's just luck or talent mo na talaga ang finding good stuff. Hehehe