Saturday, March 15, 2008

Angkor Trade Center

A mini mall opened here in Siem Reap.

Ang daming tao. Lots of it are the locals. Lots of kids playing in the escalator. And they remove their slippers before going up. hehehe

Modern talaga?

Odivah! Tiffany & Co. Naman!

Most of the shops are not opened yet. Here's the food court. Khmer food going fastfood. Odivah!


chuvaness said...

OMG. don, I really love your blog. they remove their footwear before going up the escalator. eyelavet!! so charming!

fuchsiaboy said...

yes they do. and they keep on playing in the escalator, going up and down, like some mary go round thingy. so cute kasi mga bata. pag yung mga oldies na makita ko i don't think it's cute already.

next time i go there i will get a picture of the slippers.