Monday, March 17, 2008

VNC sale

One of the more better stores that sell shoes here is VNC, a Malaysian brand. Or you have to buy in Phnom Penh or you do it bespoke at Angkor shoemaker. Haven't gotten a shoe made there yet but I plan to have one. I've seen some samples and it looks good.

Anyhoot, it was SALE at VNC with shoes going for only $5 each. Too bad it was only for girls. But that didn't deter David from buying. Wehehehe! He uses it for his drag shows and tv commercials. Did I tell you he styles commercials here?

Me and Loven couldn't relate. But I did want one bag there but it's not on sale. Next time na lang.


Costume: Balenciaga shirt, Immitation of Christ pants, sneaks and H&M belt.


David said...

hi don! It's very nice to see our photos during my stay there in siem reap. Our escapades were great. i laways tell my friends that I had a wonderful time with you guys, an I wanna go backe there. Actually, i might, this coming Khmer New Year. I might do some gigs at the Angkor Palce Resort and Spa come April 15. So, hope to see you my friend. Anyway, don't forget about Donna's Birthday Party here in Phnom Penh March 29.

Eternity said...

Good for people to know.