Monday, March 17, 2008

Loven's Birthday

Poor Loven, he has to work during his birthday. The exact number shall remain a secret. His official birthday dinner was moved to another date. So Fate connived (how very PBB the word) with me to surprise Loven with a little somethin somethin. We mad dashed to Angkor Market to buy some ice and Bailey's (our alcoholic but not too alcoholic drink. It's more like a dessert actually). Then we got him a Blackforest cake at Blue Pumpkin. They only gave us 5 candles, and I'm telling you we need plenty more, like 25 more. Opps! Did I just reveal his age? Anyhoot, we got this sparkling kind from the bookstore beside Pumpkin. We waited for him, it was like almost 12am when he arrived, and he was duly surprised with our little somethin somethin. Fate gave her a designer bracelet as gift. Moi didn't bother. Hahaha I'm so stingy that way! Hahahaha! We then devoured the cake and drank the Bailey's. Needless to say we packed some unnecessary calories that night.

Loven looking surprised.

His birthday cake.

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