Sunday, March 16, 2008

AHA tasting night

AHA! We were tasked and forced, not much convincing needed actually, to try out the dishes at our new resto venture. AHA comes from the same brilliant and somewhat crazy minds that run Hotel de la Paix, Meric, Arts Lounge and Spa Indochine.

UFO payong effect

You can see our cooks enclosed in this gas chamber, este, kitchen.

That way you can see them if they are doing anything hanky panky with your food.

Eel with holy basil, Pink salmon with spices, Tuna crsuted with herbs

Rissotto white wine balls, spiced squid, fish with coco cream

honeycomb ice cream, jasmine rice pudding with coconut sorbet (MY FAVE! DIVINE!), tapioca with mango and coconut



David, Kirivuth, Joan, Mario and Marpha

Widodo, Secar, Soetint and Indra

Chef Cassy

Martin and Nick

moi, in Yohji Yamamoto pants, generic black tank and necklace by moi.

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