Monday, March 17, 2008

Siem Reap tour on foot.

What to do on a lazy Saturday day-off? Why, pose of course!

Dave and the door of the house.

Moi, just taking advantage of the cool light.

We decide to explore Siem Reap by foot. Wala lang. Pretend we were tourists.

Ang laki ni Humpfalump.

Leaves dancing to the tune of the wind. Forgive my poetic shit.

Trees dream in color green and brown.

Bad Bambi, baaaaaaaaaad!

Bambi and friends.

moi, and Crocky

Dave and the Tigger

We went inside Wat Promrat, a Buddhist temple. My first time here.

Ok naman. We saw some monks but I didn't take pix. I don't know the rule eh.

Baka may bayad. hehehe I know! I'm so kuripot kaya! hehehe

Drying bananas for frying and grilling. It's a popular snack here. But not like our bananacue. They don't use much sugar here.

Those are stupas or something akin to our puntod. Khmers practice cremation and then they put the ashes in the stupas after.

Outside the wat we saw this flyer pasted on one of the post.

Fabulous talaga?! We know the pips at Cambojam and I don't think they would love it if they are called fabulous. Mukha tuloy silang mga badaf. wehehehe!

Dave has to see the Angkor Trade (mini)Mall

What's that again? Hight Light?

rrj? dito sa siem reap?! please, have mercy on me! don't be here!

Dave. We decided to recharge at Blue Pumpkin.


1 comment:

kawadjan said...

i love this post!
na-remember ko rin ang siem reap river na parang canal lang pala. pero nagikot kami ni pranses dyan. ang sweet, pramis. kahit yan temple na yan inikot din namin.

hay, ang saya ng mga alaala ko sa siem reap na yan. ang saya, i swear.

*sob* *sob*