Monday, March 24, 2008

First Aid - Day 1

It's been years since I had my first-aid training. I think I did it in U.P. pa. Well, I was required to take this one since I think it's a requirement for work. No probs really since I thought it was fun.

Of course, acting the casualty is part of the program. Here you can see Joan working an Oscar winning performance of a fainting spell.

On the other hand, Widodo failed to grab a supporting role award since he couldn't act 'dead' at all.

Best Kiss award...

goes to me!

One of the dummies.

You do get attached to the dummies. Our instructor hugging the dummy. Love team sila.

I got wounded. huhuhu!

First-aid for me.

Another use for the krorma (scarf): sling.

Dressing a serious wound

Super acting si manong, oh! Best actor!

His hands was pierced by a shard of glass, kuno. Complete with blood pa.

Vungga no? It looks real.

Soetint to the rescue!

Meat for sale, anyone?

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