Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some days

It’s really easy to complain about things than to be thankful. I was sitting outside the cafe with two of my colleagues and both related to me how today was not a wonderful day for them. I so can relate. I had to clean my computer because its driver is full. It was running like a snail with arthritis. I had to finish an ad . The internet connection was not so good so it was agonizing for me to send the files. I had to burn some cd’s and since the computer is acting like a diva it took me hours to finish it. Then I was not feeling artistic at all. And the worsest feeling of all – I feel so fat! It’s worst than bad hair day. It’s worse than ‘I’m so ugly day’. It’s like all those days combined plus a period (not that I know how it feels to have a period) plus that feeling where you just want to throw things up in the air.

Or it could be a case of lack of carbs.

A pout could not cure this. So I hurriedly grabbed a pack of chocolate chip cookies, asked for a glass of milk. One bite and I’m smiling. Like the same feeling after you paid for a designer purchase.


I’m so glad I decided to take up swimming. Somehow I got rusty. The first few times I was doing it I easily get out of breath and panting like some beached whale. I’m happy to report that I’m improving tremendously with my paddling, my hand movements and making myself float. I think my speed also improved much. Even though I feel I’m obese I must admit I’m losing those fats slowly. I plan to continue my jumping rope thingy. This rubber tire in my mid-section has got to go!


I heard a very close friend got back with an old flame. I can’t wholeheartedly say I’m happy about it. Very personal reasons. I just hope my friend is happy with the situation now.

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