Friday, March 28, 2008

Some thoughts

I’m going to Phnom Penh on Saturday to primarily meet an artist who I want to exhibit here in the Arts Lounge. I’m also attending the opening of 15 contemporary Khmer artists at Reyum and I’m checking out some new galleries.

On the side I want to see the newly opened KFC there. Not that I eat chicken but some collegues here in the hotel asked me to buy some. I know, it’s funny but then a craving’s a craving. I could totally relate like I’m wanting to have some bangus belly right now with garlic rice. I could go on and on about what I want. The list is endless!

If I have time on Sunday I might check out the little shops there and possibly meet some designers and discuss of having their works shown for a fashion show we are organizing here in the hotel, probably end of the year.


The other night I was so excited because a friend told me he is giving me a Hussein Chalayan shirt. Another friend from Malaysia, who went to Berlin, got me this cute zipper bracelet. Of course, I’m elated about the gifts since it is so me, but more than that, I get this warm feeling inside because they remembered me.


Last night, Pastor Blady and I started our one-on-one Bible study. I really needed it right now. I reached a point in my life where I want to grow more as a Christian. I don’t think it’s just enough that you believe in Jesus. There’s so much more facets of Christianity that I need to discover, apply in my life and really process. It’s not as simple as just believing.

One of the hardest part of being me is my being secretive. Sure I’ve chronicled so many things about me in this blog but those are just snippets of my life. It’s not even half of me. I may make this the wrong reason for having the Bible study but I think of it as a therapy. I unburdened to Pastor Blady some of my most hidden secrets which have bothered me for the longest time. I must admit it’s hard given the delicacy of the matter. But you know what, I’m happy I’ve taken this decision. I’m slowly understanding my purpose for coming here in Cambodia.

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