Sunday, March 16, 2008

at the cafe of Le Meridien


loven & fate


Random Thoughts
It's my 6th month already, half a year has passed since coming here from the Philippines. Siem Reap has slowly grown on me. I'm really the type of person who slowly adjust to something. I loathe change. I've stayed in my past work for 6 years not knowing why. The job was fun and my boss was supportive of all my crazy ideas but the pay was crap. I'm not saying this to malign the company. They really have to think of compensating their good employees well. But I digress. The apartment I stayed after college, I was there for like 6 years also. My last place I stayed for like 4 years. Most of my friends changed job or places to live in like 2 years period. I'd be too harrassed to do that.

My gosh! Time flies so fast. I was planning to go home this April since I want to do preliminary preparation for the wedding of my sister on December. I might have to postpone it till May or July or in a date where there's no big party or I don't have an opening to prepare. May I could go after the opening of my next exhibit. April is tight for me since I want to attend the McDermott Gallery Masquerade party and also I have this party for the GE group at the Arts Lounge. I heard postponed din daw ang Philippine Fashion Week, sa 2nd week of May na. I wish to catch some shows when I'm back.

Things I wanna do back home on my vacation:

1. Visit all my secret stores for clothing stuff.
2. Buy Eairth pieces. It has been haunting me in my dreams.
3. Eat as much boneless bangus.
4. Eat ube ice cream.
5. Hang out at Coffeebreak, al dente, esca's, afrique's, jd, etc. with the gang
6. ukay

Not that much din pala. Hmmm...


kawadjan said...

boneless bangus, yum.
wala bang bangus sa tonle sap lake?

fuchsiaboy said...

marami yung mga mukhang bangus pero yung totoong bangus wala!

Anonymous said...

frustrated ukay person from iloilo here. where do you go ukay in iloilo? please do share! you have pretty awesome finds! :)