Friday, March 21, 2008

Cafe Indochine

Been wanting to try Cafe Indochine for the longest time. We always pass it by but weve sort of always end up somewhere else. Well, the stars aligned and the planetary movements were in conjunction with our thoughts and we suddenly remembered it. So off we go to Cafe Indochine.

We ordered stir fry seafood noodles, pomelo with crabs, fish with tomato, coconut soup and spicy shrimp. The food was nice especially the coconut soup which I think is really, really delish! Those two ladies was eyeing our food when they came in so I suggested they order the soup. They liked it, too.

Anyhoot, this is the place. We opted to sit in the garden. But the main resto is like an old Khmer house. I think Westerners like dining in places like this here.

Rose and Brews. Rose is Filipino Canadian. She's a flight attendant.

Rose. We met at the 'Designing the Divine' opening. She's here in Cambodia for a vacation like 2 months long. Filipinos don't do that. She can understand Filipino but can't speak it. Funny she bought this temporary, 2nd hand cel phone. The previous owner was Pinoy and didn't erase the messages. We obsessed the whole dinner time trying to get a picture of the previous owner. The messages were revealing. She wanted us to translate the mesaages for her! There's one joke we thought was very Richard Prince in a sort of skewed way, if ever Richard Prince is Pinoy:

Sa mall.
Lola: Apo, hawak ka sa aking skirt para hindi ka mawala.
Apo: Opo lola.

After 2 hours.
Lola: Mamang pulis may nakita ho ba kayong maliit na bata na may hawak-hawak na skirt?



A friendly reminder from Cafe Indochine:

Don't forget that pepper clogs the toilet.

But at least there's many rolls of toilet pepper, o!

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