Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Weak, Cross Buns, Cambodian Daily and Eating Fish during Lent

Been tired lately, but a good way to be tired, since I've been swimming daily. I'm not getting younger and it's Ralph Lauren territory for me soon if I don't do anything with my bulging gut. Damn our chef here for making those delicious food! Unlike before when I go home and hungry but was too lazy to prepare something. I just drink a bottle of water, bear the hunger pangs and doze off to dream land. At least in my dreams when I indulge in some buffet it's zero calories and it does not deposit in my midsection.

Talking about our chef, some things were happening in her kitchen just this morning. Alerted by our gm she hurriedly checked the 'situation'. She instructed her people to make cross buns.

Cross buns should look like this.

They were decorating it in some complicated Khmer style. Chef, of course, explained how it's supposed to be a cross because in Christianity it means remembering the death of Jesus Christ. They thought the cross was so simple, you know, make Chef happy, so why not add a swirl here and a little design there.

She then went to her butcher to say that he should prepare more sea foods and fish because... Chef did the whole Christianity explaination, even doing some 'Jesus on the Cross' act by spreading her hands wide and how this week is a religious festival for Christians. Her butcher thought it was some case of bird flu that's why he's asked to do more seafood.

Yesterday, Indra (our Executive Assistant Manager) called the front office to ask for some 'Cambodian Daily', a newspaper.

'Huh? Are you sure? How old?,' asked the staff who was manning the phone.

'Yes. Oh, I need the one today,' said Indra.

The staff was perplexed. He thought Indra was asking for a 'Cambodian Lady'.

All in a day's work.

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