Thursday, March 20, 2008

I miss Papa

At first I was really hesitant to tell my father I really like designing clothes. I would hide my Barbie's ( hair cut short so as not to distract from my minimalist sensibility that time. Grew up in the 90's) whenever he is around. I really got depressed when I was in U.P. because the people there are just not fashionable. I thought U.P. was artsy and all, di pala. People there are a bunch of dogs barking in the wrong tree. I did get out of U.P. and finished my Biology course, yup, I'm a Biology major, but I did some designing on the side for theater and I did some fashion shows. That's how I survived college. Anyway, he never said he disapproved of what I do but he never said he liked it, too. I just got the nod when he gave me a sewing machine for my birthday. He stopped commenting on my crazy clothes. But he never seen my fashion shows. Not that I know of since usually there's cd's of my shows lying around in the house. Wala lang, I just thought of it and him.

The vintage Phish shirt you see above is from him. He wore it to death until it's all ratty and with holes. He liked it so much for sleeping. I asked for it and kept it. It's the only clothing item of his that I have. I wouldn't exchange it for any other stuff. It's priceless.

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kawadjan said...

ang sweet!
touched akez.
and it's nice to see you're writing more these days ha.
cheers love.