Friday, December 12, 2008

Angkor Photography Festival 08

Like it happened some 3 weeks ago or so. Anyway jose, the festival gathered lots of photographers from around the world. No, Steven Meisel was not part of it nor Bruce Weber. Itchura lang nila if they get invited. Coz actually the 'style' of the festival is 'reportage' and 'documentary'. So no jumping Caroline Trentini here nor Natasha Poly in fur coat. It's more like the Afghanistan conflict, the earthquake in China, the people of some far-flung exotic place with no toilet or hospitals to speak of. It's hardcore, man. No couture this or that.

Until there was me. I'm the couture.

Part of the program was a nightly projections of photographs from some of the most respected photo-journalists of the world. I'm talking major pips who gets published in Paris Match, National Geographic, etc. Yun nga lang very depressing ang mode.

But a lot of people came to see it. Plus wine-wine chenes, of course. Sushyalan.

That's Charles (Philippine representative), Loven and Vince at the back. The opening was swarming with cool people. I don't know what's with the creative type of the photography version. So nonchalant, so care-free. Unlike in the fashion world where people could be so snotty.

Inspired, I took this...

and this.

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