Friday, December 12, 2008

Longchamp x Jeremy Scott

Ever since I saw ms. chuvaness toting this one I also fell in love with it. Then when I had the chance to buy it I somehow had second thoughts. Maybe I was tired that time. Maybe somebody told me 'di bagay sayo yan'. That's why I love shopping alone, actually. Same with watching a movie in the cinema. Nobody to distract me. Anyway, I'm so sure now coz it's been haunting me for the longest time. I do hope I can still get one. :)

That's Jeremy Scott with a friend carrying the bag, the backside showing.

Here's another design of his with the boots stamp.


paolo said...

Get the bag, it looks a little trendy but still it looks fabulous!

izzydore said...

You shouldn't have listened, it would look great on you! Time to buybuybuy! I would love to have the footprint-print one for myself. The fabulous Erika Kurihara has one.

Btw, thanks for responding to that pms negative commenter over on my blog :P Seriously! hahaha

fuchsiaboy said...

paolo & izzy - :)