Friday, December 26, 2008

Sherwin and Karen

One of the coolest couple i've met recently is Karen and Sherwin- newlyweds, on a honeymoon, friends of the Tina Daniac who called me to make sure I get to meet them. They stayed at de la Paix which surprised me coz not a lot of Filipinos stay in the hotel. I told them they have good taste. ;)

Of course, they did all the rounds of the temples and tourist-y spots. But we showed them the other face of Siem Reap: the little nooks and hidden spots, the wacky characters and wonderful thingies that makes the town so magical and special.

Like we struggled to eat this little Christmas log because it's so beautiful.

I hope you guys enjoyed your stay and see you back, soon!

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Anonymous said...

How come I was not invited? Where was I? hmmmmm? XOXO