Monday, December 01, 2008

Eden and Aida + Tina Daniac neckpiece

Sisters Eden and Aida had an Asian tour recently and Siem Reap was part of the route. Eden was Loven's penpal before in highschool. She's a doctor to the barrio, bless her soul, somewhere in a far flung barrio in Luzon area. To go there it takes 12hours by road. In that barrio there's no wiFi, no TV, no nothing. Virtually chirping crickets during 6pm sundown. There's just people blessed with good hearts. I mean she could practically go private and all with her calibre but she chooses to help the poor people of this barrio. Her sister Aida is so chica! I mean really chica and all! She works for a private company and is obsessed with Roger Federer. During Sundays she buys the Philippine Star and Daily Inquirer and proceeds to read it from cover to cover. This girl has quirks! LOL! And she knows the tsismis and all so we were updated with the latest from Pinas.

We had dinner at Viroth's, a contemporary Khmer resto.

The tsikahan was so juicy so we ended up having desserts at AHA. Apres, we had drinks at Linga. Too bad the ladies have an early flight the next morning or we could've brought them dancing to Pyramid. They promised to come back next year.

I can't remember if I blogged about this Tina Daniac neckpiece which I've been wearing non-stop. Made of carved wood from Paete in a workshop run by priests. Tina had to 'seduce' them into agreeing to make samples for her. She used this for her Fashion Week 2008 collection and somehow I can't help myself but steal some of it. Winner sya.

Tina D. neckpiece, 5cm stripe shirt, Levi's jeans, Muji sneakers.

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