Sunday, December 28, 2008

To Vietnam

It's 12 hours of bus ride from Siem Reap to Saigon. We usually stop here in Arunras Resto after 3 hours from Siem Reap.

Classy, don't you think?

Vegetable noodle soup for moi.

They also serve some crispylicious insects.

We got some for our friend Cecile who loves it so much.

This snap I've taken quite near Babette, the border between Cambodia and Vietnam. From here after 2 hours is Saigon already.


Lyka Bergen said...

Bongga ang pangalan ng town. Babette. I want to go there! (And tell my friends I have been to Babette).

fuchsiaboy said...


babette is very you lyka and nora.

akira liwanag said...

watchudoin' in Saigon? have a safe trip!

fuchsiaboy said...

akira - vacation, what else?! :)