Tuesday, December 09, 2008

'The Birds' Don Protasio x Spoolworks

I recently showed a capsule collection of the prints experiment I've done with graphic design studio, Spoolworks. It consist of birds & feather prints, an offshoot of my 'propaganda' theme. My idea is brainwashed people tend to flock like ravenous birds with one mindset.

It was shown in the Arts Lounge at Hotel de la Paix together with the opening of our latest exhibit of acrylic flower paintings by Thav Savann. Together with another designer, Eric Raisina, we opted to use regular people instead of professional models to give it a different feel. Here I've gathered a motley crew of creative types I found interesting:

Brewster - Graphic Designer

Riem - Artist

Juan - Manager

Vincent - Photographer

Kauro - Social Worker

Adrian - student

Soyoung - Travel Consultant


kawadjan said...

clap clap clap!!!
the prints are sensational, dahling.
i'm so excited.
i love what riem is wearing.
and i want to wear andrian ITSELF.
(ang ovaries kooooh po!!!).

[G] said...

tse kay kawadjan! i'm gonna marry him, don't ruin our plan.

besides, he is too obese for your taste!

kawadjan said...

gibo... dahling, dahling, dahling.

know your territory.

na-grant na sa akin ang contract for the french. matagal na. kasama na rin doon ang EU member countries and the eastern bloc.

you stick to the third world like brazil, bangladesh, mongolia, nepal, etc.

i understand you are currently conquering las islas filipinas? werq it, love.

but i DO first world. i do north, you do south. is that clear enough for you?


Lyka Bergen said...

I Love Birds! You know what i mean.

fuchsiaboy said...

hahaha well good luck girls kay adrian.


lyka - alam naman natin na mahilig ka talaga sa birds. ang question is if mahilig din ba ang mga birds sayo? ching!

Kylie Gomme E'quire said...

what a rip off of concept from japanese designer Number Nine's S/S08. "Birds"

Also the use of gladiator sandals are so yesterday.
please. stop ruining everything.

Kylie Gomme E'quire
Principal de Lasalle Art Institute (Asia)
Nogoya Arts / Library Director
Mst. Arts & Fashion Marketing Parsons.

fuchsiaboy said...

kylie - i'm not familiar if number (n)ine's 'bird' concept did feature a 'bird' print. it was more graphic, not a bird in sight, if i remember it correctly. there was feathers though. real ones.

ann demeulemeester used bird prints and real feathers and basically the same concept way before number (n)ine. does it mean takahiro miyashita ripped ann?

i'm glad you think i have the same idea although technically i know miyashita's designs are far superior. so it's not right for me to even think of ripping him off. it's basically design suicide.

also my gladiator sandals has been a best seller. it would be unwise for me to stop selling them if the demand is still there. not a lot of people are generally accepting with trends and it takes them a while to integrate it with their personal style. for the style conscious it may be 'yesterday' but then actually from where I am it's just 'today'.

i respect your opinion, though.