Monday, December 22, 2008

Comme des Garcons + Agnes B.

I went to Saigon, Vietnam last week for a little vacation. Of course, I went around and did some ukay sniffing. Sad to say I didn't get anything.

I decided to stay overnight in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with the idea of checking the ukay places there. I was actually praying for an Ann Demeulemeester boots which I've been wishing to buy for the longest time. Next year maybe unless I do get one from the ukay. Anyhoot, there was no Ann Dem but my golly it was madame Rei Kawakubo and her Comme des Garcons who greeted moi. Choosy pa ba ako? Of course, intercourse, no!

Anyway, this one was kinda similar to my other Comme des Garcons sneaker only this time it has a little bit of rubber heels, the material is leather and suede and it's all soft and has a red lining inside. Fairly new and so comfy to use. I'm so lucky it's my size. I got it for around P500 if converted. I also saw a DSquared2 sneakers which was, in my opinion, too used already and not fit to sell anymore.

Just this morning my friend Brewster gave me this b&w stripe top by Agnes B. which he got from Phnom Penh ukay also. He also gave me an Agnes B. garment bag to go with it. He said it's his Christmas gift to me. I layered it with my own designed jacket and a Giordano tee. I was inspired by Ann Dem, who else, which practically fills my head these days, and aiming for the look below.

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