Thursday, December 11, 2008

Inspiring installation at Dior Homme Paris

The deeply inspiring, to me at least, installation by young Italian artist Andrea Mastrovito at the 25 Rue Royale address of Dior Homme was recently unveiled to the fashion crowd. Nine thousand black decoupage butterfly swarm into a poetic swirl in the white boutique. Reminds me of our 'flying' gold butterfly for Loven Ramos' installation or the recent two thousand ping-pong balls we had to hang individually to the gallery ceiling. It's a sight but a pain, nonetheless.

And speaking of Dior Homme, a friend found ME a suit in the thrift shop. He said I should lose some more weight to fit in it. It's, of course, a challenge I can't refuse.


izzydore said...

The art installation is very haunting.

Don, your comments on my blog really hit the spot! Gumby in Lanvin Homme? Thats so me (gumby=i'm into yoga, and lanvin homme=i wish to have something from that brand! haha) I'm going to put it up as my new facebook status message! Thanks for your beautiful words :)

fuchsiaboy said...


well, there you go :)