Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Print Experiments + Plaids

I am exploring new versions of my aesthetics. Prints? Plaids? Whoa! Wait the minute here. Are we talking of Don Protasio here?

I did this piece for a fashion magazine. They asked for something with prints or something with plaids. Still inspired by the idea of propaganda I deduced that people (like the print you see in the belt) like a flock of bird can have a mob mentality through the use of propaganda.

Thus the bird prints. Birds can be pests, too.

Now I've also explored plaid materials for my fall/winter 2008 collection. It evokes a very 'ethnic' vibe to me. Growing up I've never worn much of the fabric. I couldn't remember liking it. I was indifferent to plaid. Thought it was very 'skaters, grunge, Seattle' look. Early on I was very much into the dark, monotone colors. Hey, Helmut Lang was my hero and although he did use plaid but it was during his later collections.

I really don't know where I'm taking all these experiments. I did some prints with colored fabrics and was suppose to use it for the capsule collection I just showed but 2 days before the runway show I decided to chuck the pinks and blues. It wasn't feeling right for me until almost all was white and black. I did have red and blue shoes.

Anyway, I just want to rumble here just to clear my head. :)


kawadjan said...

"birds can be pests too."

ganown, ayaw mo na sa mga birds ngayon? kala ko you would spread your wings and begin to fly na. ay butterfly nga pala yun.

pwes, maging mariposa na. fly na.

fuchsiaboy said...

k- bagay kayo ni lyka. mahilig din sya sa birds like you.