Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fashion Diary 10 + food

I'm bent on losing a lot more of the poundage I've gained here in Angkor. One reason for the fatsoness is the one pictured above. Yes, they make a mean Eggs Florentine with a healthy serving of smoked Norwegian pink salmon. You would definitely get obese like me if you eat that every morning like I do. Thanks to my friend in the other barrio, K of Silom Road, he bitched slapped me back to my senses. I mean I really do miss my old body.

Strike the pose!

Top: Peer Banas jacket, H&M waistcoat, Sisley tee

Bottom: shorts from ukay, gingham material

Shoes: K-Bond


kawadjan said...

ahahahahahah. na-realize mo rin, honey.

i hope it's not too late yet, dahling at baka napagkakamalan ka nang monument dyan sa Siem Reap.

you better werq!

p.s. that Peer Banas jacqueta wheeler fierce!

[G] said...

don't listen to K.

for him, everyone who has over 5 percent body fat is obese.

i swear, his concept of heaven is quezon institute.

fuchsiaboy said...

k - yes master

g - yes master

leche kayong dalawa. naguguluhan na ako!!!