Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Izzue Bag

I've been dreaming of this Ann Demeulemeester leather bag ever since I've seen one in Okini. But at $1000 ++ I don't think it's in my budget now to spend that much on a bag.

Anyway it was one lazy ukay day when I found this Izzue bag which somehow reminds me of the Ann Dem one. I've been to Izzue stores in Hong Kong and Bangkok and I can't help but be impressed with the stuff they churn out. Well designed at very competitive prices. It's not cheap but you'll get some fashionable stuff beyond the basic shit most labels churn out these days.

Some features of the bag:
1. Black distressed canvas
2. Adjustable strap
3. Double zip which opens real wide
4. Several interior and exterior pockets
5. Flap with snaps to cover the zipper

Until I get my hands on that Ann Dem bag I'll just have to contend with this equally yummy piece at a bargain price.


t. said...

i was totally dreaming of that ann d bag from aloharag, but i don't think i've spent anything even close to that amount. great job with the ukay version!

fuchsiaboy said...

i think ive allowed myself some little splurges once in a while. ive noticed i use my expensive stuff more often than frivolous cheap finds which ends up as dust gatherer anyway. i think 2009 is an ann demeulemeester year for me.

Bangkok Hotels, Thailand said...

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