Monday, December 22, 2008

My little Christmas tree + MMM x Esquire

Meet Julian, my little Christmas tree. He was named after one character in 'Shadows of the Wind', a novel I finished reading recently. Anyway, he came to me and demanded I spruced him up with a little bit of Margiela, a little bit of Helmut Lang and a little bit of Lanvin. Some Comme to spice it up I suggested. He agreed.

The bowtie is Lanvin-esque, no? Alber Elbaz would be so proud. The polka dot is a nod to mother Rei of Comme, of course.

The white tassel is Margielic. For good measure it's handmade. Very Ligne 13 (Objects), no? The Helmut Lang bit came via the disco ball, chain and beaded cover. Julian was mighty pleased. We decided to eschew the fairy lights coz it's too Chalayan. Julian wasn't feeling techno, he said.

As for me, I forgot to mention my friend Faith got me the Esquire x Margiela special in Hong Kong.

It comes with a free Margiela tee. So I plan to wear this during Christmas eve. I really do feel I'm a gift. Hihihi! :)


The Zen Bitch said...

luv your tree! especially the tasels... i also used disco balls in my tree... i also blogged about it here:

merry christmas, don!

t. said...

wow, i love! my love for the margiela bow accessories series sort of ties into this shirt! i wish i can get my hands on one :)

fuchsiaboy said...

t - it's from HK, a limited run. either you get it from ebay or ask a friend down there. my friend had a hard time finding one for me. :)