Thursday, March 13, 2008

Apres spa

After the spa, feeling rejuvinated from the massage, nap ang shower, I decided to check out Central Market. It has a Khmer name but I forgot now.

But first I get me a scoop of vanille ice cream from the cafe. Central Market is just very near Hotel de la Paix.

Checked Somatoa. Selling silk stuff. I wanna help them with their designs.

The inside of Central Market. I know, tourist stuff central. A trap! hehehe

Paging Stefano Pilati. Look o, fakelalooh!

Then I went to this little shop that sell this.

And this.

Got this. What do you think?

Planning to get this next

The rings that I got. Paging Tito Karl Lagerfeld, yohoo! Ala Chrome Hearts, o.

This nice piece is not for sale. It's just there for good luck.

More cute stuff from Ratanakiri.

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kawadjan said...

ang daming singsing at the same time. parang manghuhula! madam rosa isdatchyu? or madam auring of asim fame?