Friday, August 21, 2009

Khao San, etc.

I'm still not done with my Bangkok posts! There's just a lot I wanna share.

Here's moi in a top I got in JJ, Hugo Boss pants, Giordano Concepts shoes, bag from American Apparel and feather neckpiece from Norman Noriega.

Kawadjan is such a cuckoo! Here we're imagining him as Natasha Poly for Vogue Paris. Sayang, wala na akong damit na nadala. Photoshoot sana!

You saw it here first. Baka gayahin na naman ng Vogue Italia.

Apres, tired from shopping and with little money left, we decided to try eating at Khao San, possibly the backpackers area of Bangkok. Bars, night market and flea market galore.

It's really my mom's idea to eat there because she wanted to experience authentic Thai food. So we had to find a street stall where a lot of locals eat. The thing is Thai food is so spicy that my mom didn't take it so well later in the evening. I on the other hand slept soundly. I love spicy food!

The tables were set-up on the street. Feeling Dinagyang! Hahaha!

We got some more t-shirts and pasalubongs but I was dead tired from documenting it. Khao San has it charm but I really don't fancy it there.


kawadjan said...

Lavet!!! Di nga pang-Khao San ang beauty mo ning. Masyado kang mabango sa gitna ng anghit ng mga backpackers. Ewwwww! Pweh.

Lyka Bergen said...

I miss Bangkok! leche!

fuchsiaboy said...

k - hahahaha!

lyka - love mo talaga ang khao san no? bakit kaya? dahil ba sa *toot* yan? hahahahaha!