Sunday, August 09, 2009

More Boracay Pics

It has been two years since I visited Boracay. That's like ages! I used to regularly pop there most especially before or after Holy Week which makes the place practically one big mall. If you want 'action' in Bora then Holy Week is the time to have a 'vacation' there. But I don't like Bora at those time.

My brother's jumpin shot.

Bora was fun because all I did was chill out, eat and drink. I find it refreshing not to have a strict schedule.

Outdoor dining is in order, everytime. The weather was so nice. It only rained when we're leaving the island already.

I should have bought the Filipinas tribute of the Havaianas.

I think it's cute.


kawadjan said...

Love ko ang jumping shot ni Kuya. Tinuruan mo?

fuchsiaboy said...

nakita nya sa mga vogue ko especially yung mga talon ni caroline trentini.