Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Young Asian Fashion Designers Book

While in Manila I got the Young European Fashion Designers book which basically lists the exciting young designers working in or based in Europe. While in Bangkok I saw the Asian version and there was only one entry from the Philippines.

Mich Dulce, that's who.

Here's La Bolivar wearing one of her dresses. I think it was EveryWhereWeShoot who photographed this.

From Thailand, Realistic Situation, The Alchemists and others were represented.

I can't wait to buy more of The Alchemists stuff. It's just so wearable and my style.

There was another book that documented 90's fashion. I ended up buying another book about modern menswear fashion but I just have to steal a photo of this green Helmut Lang creation. Can somebody make a book about Helmut Lang, already?!


switful said...

Everywhere we shoot is the next big thing. I read the in a lot of sites. Well, I myself is a fan - hope I can meet them. Totally love the girl.

Anyway, pabasa nyan. I'll be there next month. :)

fuchsiaboy said...

i think EWS is quite popular already. They've done a lot in the Philippines and I always see their work in leading fashion magazines back home. :)