Sunday, August 09, 2009

Luna 101

Pauline Banusing recently opened a new concept resto called Luna 101. She also helms Al Dente, one of my fave Italian resto in Iloilo, Maki (Japanese), Fresca, among others.

I was with Rofel, here wearing a vintage Havoc by Adam de Lumen. Do you remember that brand? Quite popular with ravers before.

Tita Jaki and Tito Butz.

Aisha, Mike and moi. I had this delicious fish encrusted with herbs and spices on a bed of ratatouie with a delicious sweet vinegar sauce. When in Iloilo you've got to try Luna 101.


Anonymous said...

nice purple sailor striped tee above... i have the exact same one from Havoc.... :-)

Anonymous said...

whats ever happened to that store anyway did you like it?