Thursday, August 27, 2009

in - SPUR - ing

I love looking at all the features in SPUR magazine from Japan. I like that it's sort of a catalog of all the latest and yummiest stuff from the best brands in the world. Like that Comme des Garcons leather tote printed to look like plaid.

Here's some inspiring ideas for some granny pearls you have there lying around. I would pin those on some masculine jacket paired with a ratty tee and slim black pants.

For easy chic I like the style of Sakayori. Sort of Muji-esque slash Giordano Concepts.

I like looking at mood boards. Here's a look at Anna Sui's own.

I can't remember the name of brand but the top is so inspiring. I want to make my own version.

Inside this Spur issue, there was a Marc by Marc Jacobs report. I'm responding positively to this group of bags. I actually saw some pieces in Manila last time but I decided not to buy.

It comes with free stickers also. I don't know if Spur is available in Manila but in Bangkok you can buy it in Kinokuniya.

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