Monday, August 24, 2009

Longchamp, etc.

I love this bag. It's in my wish list.

But I want it in this shape. 'Ceci est un IT BAG'. Bongga!

It's so roomy and quite frankly, very practical. It's a bodega bag - throw in everything but the kitchen sink.

If I have lots of money I would give this one to Hypercool Mike to match his Mihara Yasuhiro and Martin Margiela silver foil AIDS tee. Magmumukha ka na talagang K-pop idol nyan.

This one I will give to Lyka because it will look great with his day job uniform. Plus, it will remind him about Martin Margiela whites and the upcoming MMM book he will buy for me. Hahahaha! And it'l make him virginal, kuno.

The gold version I guess I will give to my mom. She will love it! The black version I will buy for Loven to put his camera and stuff. And then I will borrow it once in a while. Hehehe!

This Hermes orange version I will give to Faith because she likes Hermes. It's so yummy, non? A preview of the Hermes you will buy. Or your husband will buy, hahaha!

This pink version I will give to Kawadjan because he can use it while shopping for stuff in Chatuchak during the day or to clubs like DJ Station during the night. He can use it when he travels to the poorer areas of Thailand but still chic when he crashes some fashion shows during Bangkok Fashion Week. And that certain pink makes one lose appetite daw. It'l help him on his diets.

These LV ensembles I can see Kiks wearing them paired with my DP shoes. Especially the shorts, I think bagay sa kanya. He can attend rallies and meetings while still looking chic. Just make sure the placard you carry matches the color of the pieces.

And because Bubbles and Gibo are such gym rats, why not look chic doing some weights or your boxing routines, by wearing an Alexander Wang top?


Anonymous said...

** speechless **
Jaw dropped.. droooollllinnng now..
I super love the hermes orange longchamp bag.. you know me, my fave colors are tiffany blue and hermes orange! hehehe muah!

kawadjan said...

OMG, Alexander Wang for Bubbles and Gibo... I thought Hanes sa gym pwede na. Or at most British India for Gibo... a brand na pantulog mo lang.

The Hermes for moi? Bien sur!

khaz of beautiful things said...

ano sa akin!

fuchsiaboy said...

anonymous - very you!

k - di sya hermes. longchamp sya.

khaz - heller! ang dami mo kayang pera kaya you can buy it yourself. tsaka ang dami mo ng bag kaya! hehehehehe ;)

kawadjan said...

Ay Longchamp lang? Sige, pass muna ako. Wait ko na lang kung afford mo na ang Hermes.

And one more thing... tseh. (Soft yan na tse kase may H.)

the spool artist said...

OMG! I need that black bag in my life!!! When are you going to give it to me na??? My LV is superused up na from the weight of my camera equipment. Hahahaha.

lmy said...

Hi there,was just wondering how much did u get that orange longchamp?cos mt fren is going to bkk so was thinking of asking her to help me buy so just checking the prices with u :) its lovely! and do u happen to know how much is a small lepliage in bkk?? pls reply. Thank youuu