Monday, August 17, 2009

Bangkok Eats

Not that I'm an expert when it comes to food (my friend Kawadjan is more of the foodie between moi and Gibo, I think) but I can't help but be impressed with the wide array of edibles being offered in Bangkok. I know we have the carinderia type in the Philippines or the Jolly Jeep food stalls but in Bangkok it seems street side dining is the du jour thing to do. In JJ I would see chika girls and boys, outfit to the max with Balenciaga and draping chuchu, happily slurping a plate of mee.

Don't ask me what are those coz I don't have any idea. It could be some Adobo flakes or something.

Or these rolls looking a bit like embutido or morcon.

I should have bought a pack of this sesame topped toasted bread but I got distracted by the Ouki booth selling really cool tees. It looks yummy, though.

JJ is so hot to navigate. Good thing we had free coconut juice...

with our coconut ice cream. Love how it's served on the coconut shell.

Apres JJ and we refreshed in the hotel, our dinner was at the Suam Lum Night Market. I got excited when I saw Fish and Squid sausages.

We also had some Tom Yam Gong...

and this delish herbed fish. We call that fish, Bulgan, in Capiz.


kawadjan said...

My eyes, my eyes!!! Ang sakit sa mata ng mga lafang na picture na yan. TSE kah.

Lyka Bergen said...

That Coconut Ice cream looks yummy!