Monday, August 10, 2009

Design Lab Edition 3

When I was still working for Robinsons, the marketing team which I'm part of came up with a design contest inspired by Project Runway. I'm glad to say the contest produced several of the most exciting names in Iloilo fashion, gaining attention from local fashion rags, dressing up celebrities, having shows and shops all their own.

For its 3rd run, DJohn Clement truimphed over his competitors by utilizing hablon and lame into sophisticated outfits inspired by 'gifts'. The act of un-wrapping was further emphasized when his outfits 'transform' with the removal of a skirt that turns into a jacket or a jacket that turns into a bag. A new outfit is then revealed.

DJohn receiving his prize from Rajo Laurel and Ditas Taleon of Robinsons.

Running second was Michael Sorilla who did sculptural vests and attachments to his plaid hablon outfits. Part of the criteria for the contest is to re-invent traditional Ilonggo fabrics like hablon, patadyong, jusi, pina, etc.

On 3rd spot is Reche Seguro who was inspired with the 'fiesta' and definitely created an eye popping mix of satin, patadyong, organza and hablon collection.

The 4th spot is occupied by Jennifer Salazar. Her collection, inspired by waves, is giving off that youthful vibe. Not bad for a 16 year old to compete againts much older designers.

At the start there were 15 contestants chosen until it was weeded out to 4 for the final collection show.

The event was hosted by Rofel Parreno, here wearing DP jacket f/w 09, YSL shirt and Comme des Garcons pants. Best in sponsorship! Hahaha!

Rofel with judges Patty Eustaquio and Darryl Chang

Moi with Rajo Laurel, one of the contest judge. It was so nice to hear Rajo share his uplifting words to the young designers in Iloilo. I think with his role in Project Runway Philippines he has inspired many young designers to pursue their designing dreams.

And so we reach this part where I receive a bouquet of flowers from Ms. Ditas. No, I didn't win the contest! Hahaha! I was forced to direct the show 2 days before the finals. Thank goodness it went fine. How that happened is a long story, which I won't bore you here.

See you next year for the 4th Design Lab ;)

Thanks to Rey Tabafunda for the pictures

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