Friday, August 28, 2009

Fashion Diary : Restraint

I have quite, maybe unconsciously, held back all the layerings and experimentations I've done with dressing back when I was still in Iloilo, before coming here to Siem Reap. Just the other night I was arranging my clothes and I noticed I'm much more comfortable in a sort of 'uniform' now - cotton tee paired with one of my sensible cotton pants. I can't say it's hotter here than in Iloilo so I guess it's not the reason why I'm so into this sort of 'simplicity'. Even during summer in Iloilo I could still find reasons to wear 'outfits'. I've been avoiding denim, recently, although I did give in last week of pairing a Yohji denim top with Levi's 501. I guess, I'm trying to evoke the mood of the clothes I've been designing recently.

I'm currently doing my spring/summer 2010 collection and there's a lazy simplicity to it. The other night I was wearing to sleep (yes, to sleep!) one of my tank top prototype. Like I said before I'm obsessed with the beach and the idea of being swept away. I wanted the clothes to evoke that feeling of casualness and nonchalant. I want this collection to be light; the mood to be so light.

Some of my looks recently:

A thrifted top with fuchsia trims paired with YSL pants and Muji sneakers.

The skull necklace is a fave I got from Hong Kong.

In here I'm wearing a button down and pants by Dries Van Noten.

There's always that sensible simplicity to Dries Van Noten. That pants must be like with me for 6 years already and is one of my fave for its ease. I remember I have a white version of that and I can't seem to remember where it is. Hmmm...

This Dior Homme top was given to me by Bo.

I paired it with one of my pants and sneakers from Adidas.

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