Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Bangkok this time was more meaningful because I travelled with my mom and sister.

While mom & sis had their shopping time, I met up with the hostess with the mostest of Bangkok, Kawadjan ITSELF, for some, errrrrr, eating? Yes, exclusive picture of Kawadjan devouring a cake. Kaya siguro Lyka thinks you are fat, non?

I couldn't resist stealing a pic of those crayola colored Doc Marten's. The red is just screaming to me, "Buy me!".

Bangkok is really for shopping. When I'm there the only thing I want to do is check out the shops and malls. A little fashion diary before we continue:

Top: Y's Yohji Yamamoto

Pants: Martin Margiela

Shoes: Giordano Concepts

Acceessories: AA gym bag & robot necklace from Kawadjan

Here's K werqing the crumpled vintage jacket he got from a Japanese thrift store.

Here's my sister wearing a 'vintage' Proud Race tee with 'So Chica Cecile Zamora' print. We were all so tired from shopping!

Louis Claparols, isdatchu?! Pink is the new black!

Kawadjan brought us to Somtam for dinner.

The place was packed so we had a little wait outside. More reason to camwhore, non?

The peanut salad was spicy good.

The chicken I did not try but they said it's crispylicious.

The fish is delicate and herby. And just the right flavors of herbs and spices to my liking.

Apres, we deposited mom and sis to the hotel. K and moi then met up with Bubbles to go to this soi with lots of bars. Syempre more ang tsikahan. We talked about his amazing weight loss, the number of couture outfits we're ordering for the holiday season and Kawadjan's love life. And speaking of love life...errr... 'past' love life, I got to meet K's Pranses, ITSELF! Surprise, surprise! Unlike Gibo na tinatago ang kanyang mga lovers sa akin, hahaha! Pranses is fun, very articulate and quite game with our conversation. It was a perfect chika chika.

Funny, when I was in Iloilo people kept asking where's our friend Marlon. And who do I bumped into that night? Marlon, ITSELF! He was in Bangkok for a holiday, so there bitches that answers all your, 'Where in the world is Marlon?' question.

Bubbles, Natasha Poly and moi. Can't wait for my next visit, hopefully, soonest! :)


Bag Brag Diva said...

Love the colourful Doc Martens.

kawadjan said...

Valik ka na ng BKK. Now. Na.

fuchsiaboy said...

diva - don't you love the colors, non?

k - soon...