Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hidden in one area of Suam Lum Night Market is One Hidden Agenda. Kawadjan discovered the place in one of his hookups, este, shopping jaunts. Leave it to Kawadjan ITSELF to find this two tiny shops, yes, there are two OHA, one opposite the other.

The casual corner stocks playful pieces that's reasonably priced. I guess, that's the reason why a lot of students buy there.

Some cool wall art. The feeling of the area is quite hip.

In their more 'high-end' area, I tried this top. It was featured in a cover shoot and worn by a Thai celebrity. It was cool but I wanted something different for my first buy.

I ended up getting this top which I've worn for my birthday dinner this year. The neck thingy can transform into a scarf or wrap jacket.

The high end shop features a more darker mood. More wall art to set the ambiance.

My sister ended up buying a piece, too. One of the partners of the brand was there and he was so nice to all of us. I really wanted to talk to the chief designer but he was too busy tending to customers wanting some made-to-measure pieces. Surprisingly, a lot of them guys with their girlfriends in tow. I asked Kawadjan if they have some sort of 'prom' in Thailand. There's none that he's heard of so probably it's some sort of soiree or a big birthday party they're attending.

A hip kid hangs out at the entrance of OHA 'couture' space. Rockin the distressed jeans look.

Moi, in the 'casual' store. That polka dot tote comes free with every buy (I've been using it nonstop). I have a new fave brand in Bangkok. ;) Can't really wait to go back there.

Beside OHA is a store selling cool homeware. I managed to snap one picture and after they told me it's not allowed. Bummers!


kawadjan said...

Kriminal ang shop na ito... nagnanakaw sya ng salapi. Kalowka, di ko namang mapigilan magbigay, di ba?

fuchsiaboy said...

maganda naman ang designs nila kaya keri na.