Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Longchamp 'Le Pliage', Jeremy Scott, etc

The ongoing collaboration of Jeremy Scott and Longchamp has produced quite a nice range of covetable bags. For the 'Le Pliage' style I've discovered:

'Poodle' Le Pliage, a limited edition of 100 pieces sold exclusively in Colette for spring/summer 2007.

'Floral Flight' Le Pliage spring/summer 2009

'Phone Print' Le Pliage, fall/winter 2009.

'Colonel' Le Pliage, for fall/winter 2009. I want, want, want this!

'Gold Card' Le Pliage. The first Longchamp x Jeremy Scott I got. I think this one is for fall/winter 2008.

Then on my last trip to Bangkok I got this 'Stomp' Le Pliage from the spring/summer 2008. It's my everyday bag now.

Moi, at the airport with my fave travel hand bag.

And available in October 2009, the ANDAM's 20th anniversary with past winners, Jeremy Scott, Charles Anastase and BLESS, reinterpreting the 'Le Pliage'. Jeremy Scott emblazoned his mug on it like a samurai (see top). Charles did some illustrations of ballet flats and kittens.

But I covet this one from BLESS, them who collaborated with Maison Martin Margiela with recycled fur wigs. The foldable aspect of the Le Pliage is maximized and exploited to be contained in the handle and turned into a bracelet. Winner!


burrito said...

fuchsiaboy, i noticed that the designs posted in chuvaness's website is similar to your bird prints? are you also part of that collaboration?

fuchsiaboy said...

no im not part of it but i've known about the collaboration since may of this year. cecile told me about it and i hooked up ria to model for it. can't wait to get a piece or two. ;)

lovebiancalove said...

hi, going to bangkok next week and i'd like to know where i can get the best deal for longchamp. airport or city stores? thanks!

fuchsiaboy said...

it really depends on what style you like. for the le pliage 'colonel' bag with the medals, they didn't have them on stock in the longchamp store nor in zen. i only saw it in the airport. for other styles, they have at least 20% discount in the city. the other basic styles were also at least 30% less in the airport. stocks in the airport vary with the stuff in the city. check in the city first and ask them to call their airport outlets just in case. don't forget to ask tax refund.