Sunday, August 16, 2009

JJ (Chatuchak Market)

One of the most amazing, must-visit places in Bangkok to experience is JJ or Chatuchak weekend market. A local told me that if it's not sold in JJ then it's not sold in Bangkok. A boastful claim although I was quite surprised to see little stalls selling brands like Comme des Garcons, Junya Watanabe and other forward brands, but I suspect second hand ones. The thing about Thai brands and the general mood of Thai fashion as what I've observed is that it's very much influenced by Japanese style or the European avant-garde designers.

Like this top I saw, it could be very well a Balmain, non?

Those tees just screams Margielic, don't you think?

What's surprising about all these stuff is the price. It's very affordable! The products are graphic, well-designed but still retains that unmistakable Thai stamp.

I love these witty bag tags.

There was one accessories store there that excited me so much. I grabbed a few stuff because I couldn't resist their well-designed products.

One of my fave buy there is this antler deer skull necklace.

Care for some Mickey Mao-s? Witty, non? Hehehe

Another brand I love there is 2AM. The sales staff were friendly and allowed me to take pictures of their wares.

I'm in t-shirt heaven. Got some really cute top from them.

Another Place is another cool brand to buy. Some of their pieces reminds me of Eairth.

They don't allow people to photograph their stuff although I managed to steal a few shots. I don't understand why. Can someone explain the reason so I can be enlightened? I always allow people to take photographs of Poetry coz I don't find anything bad about it. I ended up buying a lot of their stuff.

This store just smells heavenly. My friend Faith would go crazy over this store. They sell aromatic oils and spa stuff.

The cut of the tee is interesting.

Last time I was in Bangkok, I got the chance to see Common Tee's Siam Square store and met the designer. Their JJ store was quite charming also. Lot's of shoppers were snapping their cute designs.

One of their Margielic slash Ann D-esque top.

Ms. Natasha Poly-magma in the middle of JJ's chaos.

Fly A Kite is a cute brand, very girly, very Chloe.

This stall sells really cute vermin-looking, vampire creature prints on bags and stuff. It's so Marc by Marc Jacobs, I think. I don't know why.

Can't wait to be back at JJ for another shopping extravaganza. I had fun and I bought tons of stuff for a rally good price. I recommend you check it out when you're in Bangkok.


Lyka Bergen said...

I love Chatuchak but do we really have to sweat heavily to shop? Chos!

fuchsiaboy said...

lyka, yana talaga ang concept. you have to sweat to lose those flabs so you can fit and look better in their slim designs.

kawadjan said...

Panalo talaga ang perdible shirt na yan, non?