Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Day in Bangkok

Did last minute shopping. I got something from Longchamp, some books and little accessories for myself. Kawadjan also brought us to this exhibit space, a sort of wasteland for BKK teens obsessed with Japanese culture. Blythe, Harajuku stuff and other things Nippon galore. I forgot the name of the space but it's in Siam Paragon, I think. Right, K?

I love the entrance of a dance studio there.

Apres, we decided to eat at Rice. I've eaten here before so I wanted my mom and sis to try it, too.

I ordered this Teriyaki Salmon bowl. Yumminess!

Group shot.

I really had more fun with this Bangkok trip.

And if you need the lowdown of all things Bangkok and beyond, you know who to contact. Please request rates and services offered.

Chos! Hahaha!

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kawadjan said...

Hahaha. Dahling, please don't tell them I gave you a discount. Just let them know my tours always have a "happy ending", which YOU did not get. Tseh.