Friday, August 21, 2009

More shopping!

Siam Square has some of the coolest shop I've seen in Bangkok. I love the whole concept of Common-T. Just simple cotton tops with interesting details.

For hardcore fashionistas with an 'avant-garde' taste, wwa is it. Don't be fooled by the facade of their store, it's meant to look like that.

On the side of the stairs they've posted the latest stuff they have. That white A4 computer print-out is their sign.

Shopping is tiring so we decided to recharge at Greyhound Cafe. I just love places where there's lots of magazines to browse.


kawadjan said...

Ning, love mo talaga ang BKK. Naka-ilang posts ka na vah? Love it though. See you soon.

toxic disco boy said...

wow. id love to see the inside of common-t. XD

fuchsiaboy said...

toxic - maliit lang pero interesting yung stuff. maraming androgynous pieces.