Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Things About Me

I was tagged by may so here goes:

1. I collect clippings of newspaper articles and features that inspire me. When I discovered that there's actually 'book art', the art of creating handmade, one-of-a-kind books and magazines, I created my own. Visionaire, the ever evolving magazine, inspired me to do each issue in different formats. I think I'l start another one again.

2. I hate eating fruits that needs lots of process to consume. I hate fruits with lots of seeds. I'm lazy I want them processed and ready to eat.

3. Chocnut is lovely for me. Vanilla ice cream with crumbled chocnut on top is heaven.

4. I hate complicated food. Most days rice and fried fish are all I want.

5. I collect thrifted and vintage clothing pieces of my favorite designers like Helmut Lang, Issey Miyake, Ann Demeulemeester, Yohji Yamamoto, etc. I'm more into the designs of Belgian and Japanese designers. I am label conscious but not a brand slave. I'd rather wear something generic than wear fake. I adore local designers especially if it suits my aesthetic and style.

5. Fashion magazine is my vice. I regularly buy Vogue US and Paris, Teen Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. I have first issues of Details, Nylon, Wallpaper, etc. I've spent more on magazines than food. I collect AnotherMan, Fantastic Man, Arena Homme +, self service, Purple, V and Vman...

6. My favorite colors are fuchsia pink, sulphur yellow and yves klein blue. Yes, that specific.

7. I want to have a boutique someday ala Dover Street Market stocking my stuff and lines, of course. I would also sell Norman Noriega, Ralph Ng, eairth by Melissa Dizon, vintage Cecile Zamora, Tina Daniac, Bo Parcon, Jaki Penalosa, Team Manila, Joey Samson, Ivarluski Aseron, wwa, the alchemist, Loven Ramos, Titipon Chitsantisook, tube gallery, etc.

There will be lots of collaborative projects. It will be curated.

8. I love the process of designing more than the actual product.

9. When I'm tired I don't watch serious movies. Teen flicks, romantic comedies and senseless action movies relaxes me even if I hate to admit it. Filipino films make me want to slit my throat but I still watch it. Ranting after the viewing is like an emotional therapy.

10. I have high tolerance for alcohol. Vodka is my poison.

11. I cook and know how to bake. I also know how to make longanisa, tapa, tocino etc. My father taught me how to make it from a heirloom recipe he got from his family. I also make a deadly leche flan because I used to assist my grandmother in making it. I'm a lola's boy because I'm the first grand kid.

12. I was a national Eagle Boy Scout awardee. There was an international Jamboree I attended in Makiling but I couldn't remember what year it was. I distinctly remember I didn't take a crap for a week because the toilets were horrific.

13. I pooped in my pants when I was in Grade 3.

14. The works of Mark Rothko, Yves Klein, Egon Scheile, Ang Kiukok, Roberto Chabet, Nona Garcia, Vanessa Beecroft and Robert Mapplethorpe inspire me. Again, more than the actual artwork I was attracted to the artistic processes of each of the artists.

15. I like the music of Bjork, Garbage, The Cure, Sugar Hiccups, The Cranberries, Travis, Everything But The Girl and Madonna. I love stylish music, something connected to fashion or conveys a fashion feeling.

16. I hate forwarded mushy text messages, chain e-mails and bank of namibia spams. I actually email back to spams and tell them I don't need the money coz Im rich, hahaha!

17. I'm not into cargo pants, high top designer sneakers, turtleneck tops, baseball caps and those knitted hats they call 'bonets'.

18. I collect cute little toys like be@rbrick, Happy Meal freebies and other dust gatherers. I've also gathered a sizeable amount of artworks given by different artists. I love how it's very personnal and it's a gift.

19. Green tea is my water. I was a coffee drinker before but I noticed I eat more. And sometimes I get acidic in the stomach.

20. Marvin the Martian is my fave cartoon character. I also love the Incredibles.

21. When I was in Bangkok I ate a dessert made of bubblegum flavored shaved ice with wheat bread. Surprisingly, I loved it.

22. The first 'clothing' I made and designed was a waistcoat made of glossy magazine pages. It looked like patent leather. My first collection used old clothes, paper and garbage plastic bags as material.

23. I admire the works of Melanie Ward (stylist), Sarah Mower (writer) and David Sims (photographer).

24. There was no big philosophical reason or idealogy why I choose to be pesco-vegetarian. I just did it one day. I was really a pure vegan from the onset then resorted to eating seafood when it became very sad for me when I go to parties and can only eat the garnishings.

25. I took biology in college.


lala said...

i admire you for your boldness to wear what you want. only recently was i brave enough to finally wear my moccassin boots out (the stares i got in russian market were terrifying)

but its nice to see someone with a great sense of fashion in cambodia.
do you have a store in siem reap? cuz you should def have one in pp (:

fuchsiaboy said...

thanks lala. life too short to be worrying too much about clothes. i just have fun with whatever i do.

kawadjan said...

i love your list.

i admire how you like the creative process rather than the end-product. artist ka nga talaga ning. thanks for sharing your design process with me sometimes.

but wait, i realized that more than half of the items in your list concern food. hmmm... i'm sad na naman.

fuchsiaboy said...


anu ka ba? i counted and it's just 7 entries remotely connected to food. Not nearly half of the list kaya!

i share my design process for you to understand it when you write my biography.