Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Aural Index

When I'm making a collection I get inspired by a lot of things. One of it is music.

For s/s 08 (Vestiges of the Subconscious) it was 'Drifting Away' by Claude Challe. It inspired the whole gamut of materials I used from everywhere. The soft section of chiffon and cut-away dresses I did were meant to evoke that feeling of floating on water and letting the waves engulf you.

The f/w 08 collection (Diaspora) was inspired by 'Missing' by Everything But The Girl. The line '...and I miss you like the desert miss the rain', was all about getting lost for me. Losing a love one and losing oneself in the emotion. My over all theme for the collection was diaspora which I translated to clashing prints and colors I've never used before. It's like I lost my mind and veered away from my usual sober and muted colors.

It was 'Rain' by Madonna that I endlessly looped in my iTunes when I was doing the s/s 09 (Propaganda&Persuasion). I explored color and new materials I haven't used before like raw silk and leather. There was also beadings on the clothes. I guess, no other artist to inspire you about reinvention but Madonna. To be honest I don't think a lot got what I was trying to convey in the whole different back and front mode. The gradual deconstructed pieces which moves to more constructed was also lost to most. A lot commented that the collection was so not me in so many ways. I was really trying to explore new vocabularies in the way I create a collection. The video of 'Rain' felt so modern, forward and stylish. I got inspired by the whole mood and concept of the video.

For f/w 09 (What Else Is There?), I am inspired by the music of Royksopp, which literally means 'smoke mushroom', is a Norwegian electronic music duo. Below is the video of 'What Else Is There?', a moody, stylish and dark piece of aural and visual heaven for me.

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