Thursday, January 15, 2009

DP Workshop

Forgive me for the mess but I can't help it. I love it when the fabrics and materials I use for designing are in front of me. Loven helped me design the space. I was actually going for an Ann Demeulemeester vibe. Ever since I saw her workspace in a W feature I've been dreaming of something quite similar. Hence, the table is covered in white canvas, a texture I really love and Ann, too.

Here's a nifty idea from Loven, an inspiration board. I've pinned some clippings about the new Yohji Yamamoto store in Paris, an Amish inspired editorial from Vogue and some random Japanese stationary. On the side you can see part of my magazine collection.

On top of the shelves are 2 portraits of, moi, done by EM Riem and Tevy Oeur, two of Cambodia's popular artists. Under it are some ribbons, boxes of safety pins and feathers from Hong Kong, an antique wooden mortar holding a bolt of antique Japanese fabric and far right is the Evian x Christian Lacroix collab. I can easily reach out when I want to use them.

Here's another idea from Loven, an accessories display frame made of mesh and metal wire.

I display my clothes in metal racks and use aluminium wire hangers which we buy near the Old Market. Shoppers sometimes ask to see the workshop and see some of our latest designs. The One Shop has a very limited space so I really can't display all our production there. So I often rotate the slow moving items and replace it with new ones. That way some of our regular buyers come back to check out what's new in the rack.

It's really inspiring to define a space that encapsulate your aesthetic. After the renovation I noticed I've been more productive. That's a good thing because I'm such a lazy walrus if left on my own, hehehe.


Jase/"Gayzha" said...

I luv the ideas ... and the workspace!

U must be very inspired and productive ...

I wish i do the same career as yours ... kakainggit ka

fuchsiaboy said...

thanks jase :)

well i try to be productive and inspired. hehehe

well, it's never too late to start a career in fashion. if it's your passion who's to say you can't do it?

kawadjan said...

bakla, gusto kong pakasalan ang frame na may birds. alam mo naman ako mahilig sa birds! sabi nga... the more the manyer di ba?

fuchsiaboy said...

k - obvious naman na mahilig ka sa birds. you can't get enough of it di ba? aba at mangingibang bansa ka pa eh ang dami naman dyan sa bang-cock.