Friday, January 23, 2009

Retail Therapy

I recently read in Muse magazine about this movement that was started by this hip, young Thai woman that proved popular in Bangkok. It encourages people not to buy anything at all or at least limit non-essential purchases. For example, you buy just enough food. No buffet or expensive stuff like overpriced popcorns. No spring/summer 2009 collections to update the wardrobe. No frivolous buys of cute stuff. Anything that you have already (or an alternative) you are not allowed to buy. I guess with horror stories of the global financial crunch it does make sense for such concept to be popular. I don't know how fashionistas and ukay lovers deal with such situation given that it's shopping and acquiring clothes that makes the activity what it is. Is thrift shopping sensible now given that there's even a severe movement to not shop at all? After all, money saved is still money saved.

I often examine my life for any sort of excess. One of my style icon, Stella Tennant, lives with her mantra of 'not upgrading my lifestyle'. So even though she can afford to live lavishly with all the househelp she wants and can shop for anything she may desire, it's refreshing to know she lives in a farm outside London, tend to her vegetable garden and raise her children with the help of her husband. I find her choice so inspiring. That's from someone who I think have money problems. I've resolved somehow not to 'upgrade my lifestyle' (ehem). Which brings me back to my ukay habit. I'm fairly regular with my thrift shopping for the lack of things to do here in Siem Reap. I don't spend a lot naman. But when I think about it and all the stuff I've accummulated I think I've gone overboard. Hehehe!

Anyway, last week my friends and moi went ukay hoarding. I know, I just talked about lessening my expenses. Hay, what can I do? Funny, I saw this top with the label 'United Colors of Popeye'. O di ba.

Here's our loot below.

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