Saturday, January 10, 2009

Project Prints, etc

I've continued with the print experiment I've started last year and came up with this paisley version for some of the dresses I designed.

It kinda reminded me of bacteria. Anyhoot, the response from buyers have been quite good. I have to constantly add new pieces in my humble little rack in the shop, not without the nagging of Loven to restock, which is good, no?

I've also done some explorations in tailoring, forgive the un-ironed state of the piece, which is inspired by band jackets. It's far from perfect but what I'm excited to do here is push the use of casual fabrics, in this case, cotton jersey and washed cotton, to achieve a more formal and structured look minus the paddings, fusings and internal structures. It's really impractical for me to create fully lined jackets for the weather here but it can be a bit chilly sometimes and a good jacket is essential. I've actually exposed the seamings and left them raw for that added 'destroyed' effect.


izzydore said...

great job on the print! kind of looks like lace. looking forward to how that jacket turns out :)

fuchsiaboy said...

thanks! i'm still tweaking the pattern of the jacket.

kawadjan said...

i love the print dahling. reminds me of those sensational prada lace dresses.

ang lamig nga lately no? love it!

fuchsiaboy said...

i did some lace patterns, too. seems to be the best seller of the series.

yeah the cold affords me to use my vang vieng scarves.