Thursday, January 01, 2009

Over malling in Ho Chi Minh

I started the day with this amazing iced coffee. Whoever said that Vietnam coffee is heavenly is saying the truth. It's beyond words. I'm not a serious coffee lover but my golly I was knocked off my feet with the taste and consistency of the coffee there.

Ah, Kawadjan would be disappointed but Gibo would celebrate. Let's just say I inhaled those. The strawberry juice was made of fresh berries which they pulp and strain right in front of you. Those cheese croissants were my fave. I love the mildly sour cheese that they used.

Apres, we decided to check out the newly opened Lotte Mall. It was their grand opening actually.

There's actually no proper mall in Siem Reap which for me is a good thing. That's why when I'm out abroad I enjoy going to one.

Vietnamese seems to love their malls, too.

One interesting top I saw there. I forgot the brand but it's Korean.

It's been awhile since I've eaten in a food court. It's convenient if you're not in the mood for fancy stuff coz you can see your food already. And the choices are a lot. It's a mix and match thing. You can go Korean, Japanese to Western food stuff and then have some Vietnamese on the side.

Anyway, I was feeling Japanese that day so I ordered this breaded shrimp dish...

and this seaweed, soba salad thingy.

I was freezing at this point. The aircon was blasting arctic winds, kinda. Good thing I was wearing my fave APC jacket. One thing I learned when traveling is to layer. When it gets hot you can just peel off something.

I brought a book called 'Shadow of the Wind' and it was so engrossing. Feeling a bit tired from going through all the floors of the mall I decided to post here in this coffeeshop.

Their dark chocolate coffee was a revelation. So much better than the ones churned out by this popular coffee chain. I often wonder why people go gaga over Sta..$%x? Coz I don't. Anyway, I spent the rest of my afternoon there in the coffeshop without anybody bothering me.

Motorbikes overrules cars in Vietnam.

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