Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dong Pho Quan Hue

On our last night in Ho Chi Minh we dined at this chic place at the 3rd quarter. My hotel was in the 1st quarter. I love the bar of Dong Pho Quan Hue! Very shabby chic.

The place was recommended by Marie of Gallery Wa who was really impressed by the set-up and food. I trust Marie when it comes to matter of style so it was a must-try for me.

The place is understated and relaxed but you can see they've placed great care with the choices of furnishings and decor.

I ordered their sampler and I never realized that it's not a regular sampler that I'm used to.

I started with these 5 salads. 1st - shrimp with vegetables, 2nd - minced snails with herbs, 3rd - pomelo, 4th - some rootcrop, 5th - mango, shrimp, herbs

The next was this plate of shrimp puffs, local ham, some spring roll and sprouts.

I also got a sampler of spring rolls, the most interesting one is the leaf roll with vermicelli, some preserved fruit that you have to dip in a barbecue-ish sauce. It's the first time I've tasted such a spring roll.

The steamed plate contained some rice based dishes.

My fave is this steamed rice paste with smoked fish flakes. Yummy!

This is the salad which you have to roll inside rice paper sheets. Theres lettuce, cucumber, guava and other leafy stuff from the garden.

This is the garden. Err..kidding, this is the grilled seafood plate of my friend Olive. It's like a floral creation, no?

It's funny coz the meal ended with this noodle soup dish. I guess because Hue is much colder that's why it's traditional to have soup as a main.

The dessert was sweet beans in some milky ice.

Let's just say I felt like a stuffed walrus after the meal.


burrito said...

nice selection. i love vietnamese food. uber healthy :)

MR style said...

it does look fab !!

fuchsiaboy said...

burrito - almost vegan actually.

mr style - it's so exotic for me. :)

burrito said...

true. when i went there for vacation, super lafang ever, but then i still lost almost 5 lbs in a week :)

Luis Batchoy said...

do i see lampunaya in there don? Hekhekhek

fuchsiaboy said...

luis - actually hambal ko gani kulang na lang kahoy. :)