Sunday, January 04, 2009

Fashion Diary 13

I sometimes blindly just reach out for whatever is there in my closet and come up with looks that I don't know how to describe. Err...Trashy look?

Tee from I don't know what brand, scarf by Eairth. The scarf was a pasalubong by Loven and Faith. I promised myself I'l get more Eairth stuff when I go home this year.

Shorts from ukay, bag from American Apparel.

Converse shoes with hearts/dots print. I got this from Orusey.

Clearly I'm inspired here by Comme des Garcons.

Let's just say the locals found me amusing.

Even my bow tie is dotted. It would have been extra fun if my Converse sneaks were dotted, too. My top is Junko Koshino.

Regularly, I do look sedate like here with my favest APC olive jacket, perforated Armani Exchange tee, YSL pants and Muji sneaks.

Dressing for work should be all about ease for me since there are times where I'm literally down on the floor packing some artwork. I expected to have deliveries during that time so I opted for a Giordano cardi closed with a giant safety pin. I'm also wearing a plaid pajama top from United Colors of Benetton. My pants are Only, shoes by Giordano Concepts and my bag is my dependable Longchamp.

Tito Butz gave me the pin. It's one of my fave accessories.

In a bid to wear more of my designs I'm draped with my own design top paired with a Costume National stripe tee.

I was going for that Helmut Lang/Ann Dem concept.

There's something sexy about cut-outs. Or maybe I just love tacky stuff, you know the tops you can buy in Chatuchak for like 3 for P100 with really bad fabric, cut-outs and glitter. Hahaha! I do love the poetry of off-kilter fabric.

In the evening for a night out I just ditched the tee inside and voila! just a drapey top plus my trusty 501's.

I've had several drop crotch pants. I have one quite similar to the Junya Watanabe last fall/winter 2008 which is almost to the floor. My latest one is this stripe silk one.

It's actually very comfortable to wear. I layered some houndstooth tee and Romyda Keth waistcoat to go with it. It was cold that time here in Angkor.

Here you can see me in my YSL shirt, People are People jeans and my own designed shoes from fall/winter 08.

It's one of my fave look. I feel and look thin.

Here my APC jacket, see I told you it's my fave, is paired with a gauze-y tee from Indu Homme. My pants I designed from this cotton from Korea. Longchamp bag and Muji sneaks complete my look.

I got this skull from the night market in Yao Ma Tei in Hong Kong. My second coz I lost the first one. I got it from the same seller. He was surprised to see me again after a year. Hehehe!

Lastly, I don't know what I was thinking but a stripey Claiborne top paired with Marni seems perfect that time. And red Giordano Concepts sneaks, YSL pants and Longchamp. I love the Marni though which I found in the ukay for 50pesos.


kawadjan said...

winner ka!!!
i lurve the look with that striped sweater and drapey chenelyn.
also, a toast to drop-crotch pants!
very inspiring indeed dahling.

naboonies said...

i love your self-designed shoes, the colors are lovely an interesting !!!

fuchsiaboy said...

thank you, thank you!

Giancinephile said...

I really love your CDG-inspired look! Couldn't get enough of polka dots! haha

Anonymous said...

i want those pink toed shoes you designed! meron ka pa ba? size 43/9.5 please. seriously.