Thursday, January 01, 2009

Quan An Ngon

When we arrived chic foreigners and locals were lining up outside the gate of the restaurant.

Of course, I was intrigued. Anyway, we waited for like 10mins before we were seated. Good thing our Vietnamese friend was a regular there. I think he knows people there. Unlike the others where they have to stand, we were given seats to wait on. Ha! VIP feeling. lol!

Inside is like a little Vietnamese house complete with courtyard and all. There were tables all around the place. Some near the place where they prepare the food. So actually you can see if it's clean or not. This open air dining concept is quite chic nowadays, no?

Our friends King (Pinoy) and our Vietnamese pal. I forgot his name. What's new? lol!

Olive and moi.

We ordered lots of food. All Vietnamese fare like some deep fried squid with some herbs, a version of beef loklak and chicken wings, some noodles with shaved veggies and kropek, etc. What I enjoyed the most is this snail dish with coconut sauce. Yummy!

Went for more shopping after. I ended up buying a Fred Perry sneaks which is slightly lower priced than Bangkok and another shoes of a local brand. I saw some nice stuff at Givenchy but nothing I'm too crazy.

The taxis in HCM were impressive. The one which we took going to the hotel had a mini-tv screen. And nice smellin, too. Unlike in Manila where taxis are crap with obnoxious drivers. I learned every 2 years taxi companies are required to replace with new models. Winner, no?


Giancinephile said...

hmmm dying to have something from Givenchy's SS09 collection! haha

It looks like someone's been shopping again! haha

fuchsiaboy said...

secret hehehe